Ruedi Baur

Ruedi Baur

Designer civic city — institute and association for critical research and sciences in design

Speaker/ wednesday May 30
Workshop/ thursday May 31


The condition of civic city is founded on the capacity to create a sense of community, intelligibility, relationships of trust, a stable contract between power and citizens, mutual respect. But no place today can act in part alone, because the city today is growing increasingly interdependent with the rest of the planet. It is therefore important to develop new forms of citizenship that integrate the need for global solidarity into the local context. In doing so we realize that the competitive approach to design, the ideologies underlying branding and marketing are in open contradiction with the spirit of this civic consciousness. Civic City is the new structure that animates us: Dix-milliards-humains wishes to define the spirit of a design method that considers design and representation on the basis of these civic relationships. While the conference seeks to demonstrate the state of our considerations and the achievements that have stemmed from them, the workshop will be an opportunity to share this research starting with a local situation.

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As Designer, Ruedi Baur has been placing his design work in the context of the public space since the 1980s. Working primordially as a graphic designer for numerous cultural institutions, he has also been teaching interdisciplinary courses at the ENSBA Lyon since the 1990s on the theme of the “Information-Space” and a postgraduate course entitled “Urban Spaces and Design”. He intervenes on problems related to the identification, orientation, scenography and, in broader terms, the representation of institutions, urban spaces and political territories, often alongside architects and urban planners. A proponent of interdisciplinary design, Baur created the Intégral network in 1989 with its own workshops: Intégral Ruedi Baur in Paris and Zurich. Today, he hold professorships in the HEAD University of Geneva, ENSAD in Paris and at the University of Strasbourg, where he leads Idex action research in complex identities, legibility and comprehensibility. He lectures and implements research. The most recent of the many wayfinding, visual identity and scenography projects he has designed are the visual identity of Manifesta 11, the sign and wayfinding system of the New School in New York, the Cologne-Bonn and Vienna airports and for the new metro lines Grand Paris Express.

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