Vera Baur

Vera Baur

Director Research Institute Civic City Paris/Zurich

Speaker/ wednesday May 30
Workshop/ thursday May 31



The condition of civic city is founded on the capacity to create a sense of community, intelligibility, relationships of trust, a stable contract between power and citizens, mutual respect. But no place today can act in part alone, because the city today is growing increasingly interdependent with the rest of the planet. It is therefore important to develop new forms of citizenship that integrate the need for global solidarity into the local context. In doing so we realize that the competitive approach to design, the ideologies underlying branding and marketing are in open contradiction with the spirit of this civic consciousness. Civic City is the new structure that animates us: Dix-milliards-humains wishes to define the spirit of a design method that considers design and representation on the basis of these civic relationships. While the conference seeks to demonstrate the state of our considerations and the achievements that have stemmed from them, the workshop will be an opportunity to share this research starting with a local situation.

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Sociologist, Cultural Scientist, specialised in visual and urban anthropology, she is associate researcher in Sociology of Design at the University St Gallen, Switzerland and visiting lecturer at the University USEK, Beirut, aswell as the University of Political Sciences_SciencePo and the University of Social Sciences_EHESS, Paris. Vera Baur develops a research and interdisciplinary practice in the crossing of culture, sciences and politics. She founded and lead since 1989 INTERDIS_Institute for Interdisciplinarity, Berlin and realized numerous publications and exhibitions, as well as conferences and research projects. After her international career as independent exhibition curator, critic and director of exhibition spaces for contemporary art, she was founder and co-director of the Institute of Art, Design and Mediatechnology at the GSO University of Nuremberg (2000-04), the Institute Design2context at the University of Arts Zurich (05-11) and committed herself inter alia as member of the directory board at the Society of Interdisciplinary Visual Sciences (GIB) and of the Transmedia Academy Hellerau, Dresde. She is president of the international Association Civic City – Institute for critical research and sciences in design and runs with Ruedi Baur different research programmes on Relation Design in collaboration with the University of Art and Design Geneva and University of Strasbourg as well as the department of social design at the Designatelier Integral Ruedi Baur, Paris. civic-city.org

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